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Hendre Wooden Guest Bed

Hendre Wooden Guest Bed

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Handcrafted at our UK factory, 


The Hendre guest bed has a sleek and contemporary design.

It features a stylish vertical slatted headboard with a plinth top. The low foot end has a matching plinth and creates an illusion of more space in the room. This can make the room feel open and airy.

The guest bed provides an ideal sleeping solution for accommodating guests. Designed to be convenient and comfortable, it offers a cosy and welcoming place to rest.

The underbed simply pulls out on castors and raises to the same height as the main bed. It can be placed alongside the main bed or anywhere else in the room.

The guest bed features a solid slatted base offering excellent support for both the mattress and the sleeper. The slatted bases also allow for air circulation beneath the mattresses. This creates a healthy sleeping environment by preventing moisture build up.


Comes with 2 Unity Mattress as standard.

Delivery 10-14 days.

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